Charlutions gives advice to achieve the set objectives in waste management, but also to take the project off your hands from Plan of Approach to implementation, assurance and evaluation.

With a background in Facility Management, waste
management and involvement in reducing the plastic Soup in the Oceans, Charlutions has a broad knowledge and
experience that is used.

Charlutions stands for commitment and result-oriented, which guarantees pragmatic solutions that are directly applicable in the organization.

The Lansink ladder shows that prevention is the best option for reducing
waste. That is not always possible, which is why reuse and recycling are
good alternatives for further development.

Project base advice.

Charlutions provides project based waste management advice in the Netherlands and abroad.

Close the chain from waste to raw material and contribute to a circular economy.

We create a plan of action based on your specific question and put together a project team. The coordination remains in the
hands of the consultant, so that you always have one point of contact. Based on the estimated time investment, you will receive a quote for the planned work. If you agree with the objective and the proposed approach, we will work together.

From planning to implementation and evaluation

The approach starts with an inventory of the current waste situation, a waste scan. With this waste scan, the nature and amount of waste that is released in your business processes is analyzed. An assessment is also made of which waste is released where, which collection means are available and where these collection means are located.

It appears that often around 50% of the costs are related to indirect costs. Based on the findings, a concrete proposal for changes to internal collection logistics follows. We discuss these proposals with the various investment options and impact on the operation with you. This results in a coordinated optimization plan with concrete steps for implementation.

Charlutions supports the implementation, assurance and evaluation.

“Your compass for solutions.”