NedTrain, the Netherlands

Responsible for facility services such as catering, building and train-related cleaning, internal removals, organizing events, process control and writing policy for the Facility department. Financial size: A few tons. Tasks and
responsibilities: The position required a high degree of service orientation and decisiveness. Motivate and inspire colleagues to view the work from a different angle and thus work more efficiently. Map processes and adjust if
necessary. Clearly presenting and resolving structural bottlenecks for the longer term, regularly checking whether the solution was still adequate.

Result: An efficient and service-oriented department where the internal customer was facilitated as quickly and friendly as possible. Responding to the wishes of the customer.

Katie Hindle – Whale Shark Research Programme, Maldives

Dominika Roszkowska – Global Vision International, Fiji

I’ve had a pleasure to work with Charlotte Hesterman as a marine conservation intern over the months of April-June, part of the GVI volunteering program. Charlotte, in her role as a dive officer, instructor and a mentor, has been a real role model and excellent team player. She’s always been incredibly helpful and thorough in her training and briefing activities. Charlotte has a sincere passion for diving and marine conservation which makes working with her extremely enjoyable and rewarding. In her capacity as a mentor, I found Charlotte inspirational and supportive, always ready to listen and offer help. I would wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte to any prospective employer, as a highly skilled and dedicated individual with an incredible personality creating positive atmosphere around her.

Patrizia Stahli – Global Vision International, Fiji

„Diving with Charlotte was a lot of fun and at the same time I felt very secure with her, a very important issue when you’re diving. She was very flexible and integrated me in a already ongoing rescue course so I could refresh my skills. Charlotte explained the theory in a fun and easy understandable way. I saw her always in good mood and helpful with an open ear for everybody at any time, even if she was very busy. She knows how to deal with people and I can only recommend working with her. “

Joanna Bouma – Sea First Foundation, the Netherlands

Charlotte took on various roles in the Sea First Foundation (including Chair and general volunteer) for about 3 years. Most of her work centered around organizing events (dive shows, beach cleans, World Ocean Day etc.), convening meetings, coordinating and giving basic training to the volunteers. Charlotte is very personable, does not panic in stress situations, is able to maintain the helicopter view and above all is an excellent organizer and has the ability to motivate people. Charlotte can come across as bossy during events. But I don’t really see this a weak point as every organization needs someone who monitors the progress of their work. Charlotte was well liked by colleagues, but also importantly, liked and respected by people outside the organization with whom we had deadlines.

Luuk Bastiaans, Bonaire

I met Charlotte in Bonaire for the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course. I didn’t dive for more than 3 years due circumstances, so I needed a good and especially professional instructor to rebuild my dive-confidence.
With Charlotte I got more than just an instructor. Besides the fact she is very knowledgeable and experienced, she invested a lot of personal effort to help me where-ever she could.
She was patient, clear, put me at ease and it was clear that safety was above all else.
She was able to give me my dive-confidence back and because of that I can now enjoy the under watert world again.
Instructor is not the right word for her. She is a real Personal Dive Coach!