Marine Conservation

Over 14 years of diving experience, 10 years as a diving instructor and 4 years in marine conservation, I am still passionate about the ocean and its underwater life.

Over the years it has become clear to me that this ecosystem is fragile and needs protection. Thanks to my participation in various NGOs, I have gained broad knowledge in the field of marine conservation, both on the scientific, logistical and organizational side.

My goal is to share and transfer knowledge in order to achieve the intended objectives within different organizations.

With my experience within larger organizations but also small-scale NGOs, I have demonstrated that I am both a team player and able to work independently.

If your organization needs support in achieving the objectives in the field of a healthy, protected and waste-free sea, Charlutions can contribute to this. Charlutions offers support in generating the required data from the research, in the logistics side of the program and in dive-related aspects of the organization.

To get an impression of the experiences of people and organizations for which I have run projects, I refer you to the testimonial page.

“Your compass for solutions.”