Core qualities


  •   Strategic:
    ○ I work towards the goal to be achieved through a concrete Plan of Approach, the correct course is monitored periodically and structurally during the implementation period.

    ● Communicative skills:
    ○    Thanks to a broad experience with work in the Netherlands and abroad. Working with people from different cultures in high end
    but also remote locations I am able to make contact easily and motivate or inspire people. (See Dominica and Patrizia testimonials.)

    ● Proactive
    ○ By looking ahead, anticipating where necessary and communicating as clearly as possible, I am able to respond proactively to situations.

    ● Solution-oriented:
    ○ In a decisive way, I work towards a solution and the intended goal, taking into account any possible underlying challenges.

    ● Creative:
    ○ “Thinking Out of the Box”. Thinking up nice and new things to come to the right solution.

    ● Accurate:
    ○ With a lot of attention, focus and accurate planned work, I achieve good end results.

    ● Social:
    ○ Some decisions and choices to achieve the intended goal can cause resistance. Taking into account the circumstances of people and their value.

    ● Team player:
    ○ “Together you can do everything” is my motto.

    “Your compass for solutions.”