“Your compass for solutions.”
Advice in the field of Waste Management and Marine

Charlutions works together with entrepreneurs, local people and
government by supporting and guiding them towards the
implementation of a circular economy. Waste has a residual value that
can be used.

How do you become circular? Or how do you manage to create less
(plastic) waste? After a waste management scan, implementing
‘hands on’ applications in conjunction with all parties involved.
Making entrepreneurs and governments aware of the importance of
the circular economy and the added value of this investment.

Circularity contributes to the balance for “People, Planet and
We are happy to help you save time and money with our circular
business models.

I believe it’s possible to reduce the amount of (plastic) waste we create by
implementing a few simple applications.

About Me

After 10 years working in the field of Facility management and Project management, the turning point came to combine my knowledge and
experiences and passion (the underwater world).
With experience in the Netherlands and abroad (Maldives, Philippines and Fiji). I have a broad knowledge in the field of marine life, conducting
research and monitoring project objectives.
When I am asked where my strengths lie, I can best describe them as driven and involved, with a broad knowledge and experience,
communicative skills and a pragmatic attitude.
I think in “Charlutions”. People, Nature and Environment are central to me.

Charlutions provides advice in the field of waste management and marine conservation, creates a Plan of Approach and, if desired, offers support in
the implementation and evaluation of the objectives.


Recycling plastic waste on Bonaire

No waste Caribbean Vibes is committed to recycling plastic waste whereby new products are realized.

Conservation of the sea

Research into different marine species contributes to providing data
to share with the local government and to monitor and protect the (house)
reefs of luxury resorts and islands.

Waste management

Refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. What can you do as an organization?
Let me help you!

Circular economy in the Netherlands

Province of North Holland 100% circular by 2050

Circular economy abroad

Resorts on (remote) islands … did you know that only a few small
adjustments can have a major positive impact within the organization
on the environment? Create less (plastic) waste, become more circular and involve
the local community and government.

Core qualities


Through a concrete Plan of Approach I work towards the goal to be achieved, the correct course is monitored periodically and structurally during the implementation period.


By looking ahead, anticipating where necessary and communicating as clearly as possible, I am able to respond proactively to situations.


Thinking Out of the Box. Thinking up nice and new things to come to the right solution.


With a lot of attention, focus and accurate planned work, I achieve good end results.

Team player

“Together you can do everything” is my motto.

implementation & evaluation

Charlutions gives advice to achieve the set objectives in waste management, but also takes the project out of your hands from Plan
of Approach to implementation, assurance and evaluation.

What customers are saying about us


Verantwoordelijk voor facilitaire zaken zoals catering, gebouw- en trein-gebonden schoonmaak, interne verhuizingen, het organiseren van evenementen, procesbeheersing en het schrijven van beleid ten behoeve van de Facilitaire afdeling. Financiële omvang: Een paar ton. Taken en verantwoordelijkheden: De functie vroeg om een grote mate van servicegerichtheid en daadkracht. Collega’s motiveren en enthousiasmeren om het werk vanuit een andere invalshoek te bekijken en zo efficiënter te werken. Processen in kaart brengen en indien nodig aanpassen. Structurele knelpunten helder weergeven en oplossen voor de langere termijn, waar bij er regelmatig gekeken werd of de oplossing nog steeds afdoende bleek.
Resultaat: Een efficiënt en servicegerichte afdeling waar de interne klant zo snel en vriendelijk mogelijk gefaciliteerd werd. Inspelen op de wensen van de klant.

– NedTrain, the Netherlands


I’ve had a pleasure to work with Charlotte Hesterman as a marine conservation intern over the months of April-June, part of the GVI volunteering program. Charlotte, in her role as a dive officer, instructor and a mentor, has been a real role model and excellent team player. She’s always been incredibly helpful and thorough in her training and briefing activities. Charlotte has a sincere passion for diving and marine conservation which makes working with her extremely enjoyable and rewarding. In her capacity as a mentor, I found Charlotte inspirational and supportive, always ready to listen and offer help. I would wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte to any prospective employer, as a highly skilled and dedicated individual with an incredible personality creating positive atmosphere around her.

 -Dominika Roszkowska – Global Vision International, Fiji


Met een diploma op zak op het gebied van Facility Management ben ik 15 jaar geleden op dat gebied ook aan de slag gegaan. Na een flink aantal jaar kwam ik erachter dat ik meer wilde dan alleen de backoffice ‘runnen’. Ik wilde meer doen op het gebied van duurzaamheid en voor de natuur.

Duiken was (en is nog steeds) mijn passie dus vooral voor de onderwaterwereld wilde ik mij (indirect) inzetten. Maar ja, hoe doe je dat in combinatie met je brood verdienen? In 2000 heb ik als consultant afvalmanagement in Nederland daar een eerste stap in kunnen maken.

Uiteindelijk zijn daar een aantal jaren overheen gegaan en nog steeds ben ik nog niet aan het einde van de reis. Op het moment dat ik mijn doel behaald heb ontstaat er….

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