Marine Conservation

Do you want to collect data about the reefs nearby to monitor the abundance of fish, inverts and benthic , or like to start an artificial reef? And in need of help?

With more than 14 years of diving experience, 10 years as a dive instructor and 4 years in marine conservation and still passionate about the ocean I can help to make it work.

Over the years it has become clear to me that this ecosystem is fragile and protection is necessary. To know how healthy or threatened a reef is you need data over a large period of time. I can help to set it up, join your organisation to give the program an extra boost or help with logistics and management.

Thanks to my participation within various NGOs in Fiji, Philippines, Thailand Maldives and more, I gained a broad knowledge of marine conservation, both on the scientific side as well on the logistical and organizational side.

My goal is to share  knowledge and help to set up a productive, efficient and meaningfull program to achieve the intended objectives.

With my experience in larger commercial organizations but also small-scale NGOs, I have shown to be both a team player and to be able to work independently.

What do other people think of me?
On the testimonial page you will get a small impression of the feedback I received during projects in the past. 

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